Together We Are Unshakable

There is a quote in my book, Silent Symphonies, by my girl gozi Opara. It reads:
‘The moment a thousand voices unite in praise, then comes silence; then in that silence, God is born!’

This is a beautiful quote and is born out of the biblical saying that where two or three are gathered together in common prayer, God is there.

My additional spin on this is that where a group of people unite with the same purpose, mission, goal, there is no such thing as impossible!

Here, we eliminate the victim factor, we constantly update our lessons learnt log, we believe in the possibilities in greatness through pursuing our dreams, we believe in upliftment and power through story sharing. We are empowerment and the future. This is what we are here in Together We Are Unshakable.

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Surround yourself with people who are on the same mission as you. When we stand together, we stand unshakable!!!!

Do you know women who would like this? Invite them along. I am going to see Oprah next year to tell her about Together We Are Unshakable. Who is in?


3 thoughts on “Together We Are Unshakable

  1. Together we are unshakable. I agree with you. As a medical doctor who has specific interest in Gender and women’s rights, I believe coming together will increase visibility of women’s issue not only among women but also in the society as a whole.

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