MilliOnAir February Edition

#Unshakable is a state of mind

Have you heard about legally blind Jessica Gallagher – mega successful Australian Paralympic heroine? The rare disease Jessica suffers from means that her eyesight deteriorated over time. She’s unshakable! Do you think there were times when she hit rock bottom and questioned the validity of her life? Possibly. You see, I draw inspiration from stories of unshakable strength and courage such as these. My portion of sufferings may pale in comparison, however, I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom so much so that even the most basic requirement (waking up) is too much of an uphill task, too much to ask. I also know what it’s like to feel incapacitated within a situation created by unforeseen circumstances. I understand why the caged bird sings and I hear her lyrics clearly. I am familiar with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Having said that though, one thing I know for sure is that sometimes, rock bottom is a solid foundation. (Insert rock bottom photo here). You see, the reality of life is that we can form bonds, seek help and advice, discover people who walk the same path we do, but when it comes to the actual walking, nobody can do that for us. In the grand scheme of things, nobody can make our dreams come true. That only happens in Disney Land. It’s a human characteristic to seek validation, to depend on external influences for, happiness, fulfilment, to feel beautiful, worthy, make it all happen but the truth is that, as Jessica proves, all the power we need to be who we are destined to be exists within us already.

During my process of self (re)discovery, I learnt this the hard way in many respects and have long since adopted the DIY philosophy. I learnt that people will let you down – jobs will fall short of expectations and things will go askew. Relationships will leave you in an emotional quandary and life will throw you weird arse curve balls. Your safe haven will occasionally sell out and the only thing that will make sense is your ability to decipher your own path in order to steer destiny in your favour. For me, it is right there…right there at rock bottom that the light bulb moment happens, after which I see clearly. In the depths of those cold moments of insane pain is where I learn to eliminate the words ‘I can’t’ from my mindset library to enable myself create magic moments of gold and gain. I think this is the point when amputated legs or blindness will not prevent a fabulous #TurnUp at the Paralympics, the loss of a marriage will not stop that dream, and from somewhere deep inside will  erupt the courage to take a leap of faith for a dream that sometimes nobody but the dreamer can contemplate. One of the characteristics of being unshakable is to understand that in life nobody but you can save you. (Insert unshakable photo here) For me, it is at this realisation that I own my situation. I walk the walk, talk the talk, I become my own unshakable boss. This is the point at which I become my own damn super sexy superhero sporting a bright red cape. Yup. Recap – Rock bottom is a solid foundation. Unshakable is a state of mind. Sometimes you have to be your own superhero! (Insert superhero photo here)
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.
Lots of love,
Unshakable Sally x