MilliOnAir June Edition

If you gaze in the abyss, be rest assured the abyss will gaze back at you.
The question is: can you handle the abyss? Can you handle its gaze? Can you win the stare-out?
Can you sprinkle star dust into its deep darkness? Can you cause it to light up in little bursts?
Can you whisper so that silent symphonies overthrow its frightful baritone groan? Dare you giggle at its voice?
Will you give its bottomless pit a hoist? Will you slow dance with its devil and keep your halo intact when it entangles with its horns?
Can your soul stand firm in the face of life’s what-nots, life’s solution-less problems, unanswerable questions and shades of grey? Shades of death?
If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you.
The question is: can you handle the abyss? Are you unshakable?

Following on from the horrific attacks on Manchester and London, I have spent time wondering if the world truly has changed or if I just grew up, thereby becoming more consciously aware. A bit of both maybe. We also live in a world where technology is king and people have access to all sorts. This I refer to as ‘gazing into the abyss’ (modelled partially out of Friedrich Bietzche’s philosophy) because of the sheer volume of mind consuming material that is openly on display. We need to protect ourselves and our children (our future leaders) by ensuring that our foundation is solid. Our roots must be firmly in the ground and certain beliefs about life, about (self) love, about decorum and do’s and don’ts must be scribed within our souls with indelible ink – amendments of the basic principles should be impossible. I say this because it is impossible not to dabble with the indecipherable shades of grey of this world, but to continue to be exactly who your foundation says you are while the confusion of the abyss remains constant is to be unshakable. This is what we need to heal this world’s broken heart. 

Unshakable is a state of mind. It is modelled out of 3 basic principles which have become its motto:
Be unshakable. 
Be in truth with yourself.
Love yourself. 

Lots of love,
Sally x 

MilliOnAir March Edition

Silent Symphonies is my debut novel – the first in a compelling trilogy. It was birthed out of my realisation that we all have this grand idea of what we think our lives will pan out to be. Whether or not we will get married, the kind of person they will be, number of kids we will have, the perfect job we will end up in, and how we will grow old and grey along side our nearest and dearest doing the things we love. We work towards our expectations, doing everything we must to ensure that by virtue of the laws of attraction we bag this customised life we have dreamed up. Life concurs in the sense that the very foundation of who we are will lead us down certain assured paths, however, life will not always co-operate. It will throw us random curve balls that will knock us for six. Within those circumstances, we will fight to fulfil what every fibre of our beings tell us is our destiny. However, life will pick us apart, breaking us down, showing us versions of ourselves we never knew existed, and slowly we will learn to accept that some paths are a must-walk, not because they are easy, but because they are assigned to us and sometimes it’s about unbecoming everything we are not to discover who we are.

Several Q and A sessions that followed the publishing of Silent Symphonies saw me explain the above in as much detail as My heart undersold, with ‘unshakable’ being the operative word in many a description. Being unshakable is not about gender or what we do for a living, our sexual orientation or our choice of beverage. Being unshakable is about taking everything life throws at us and rebirthing ourselves constantly in the face of adversity. It is not a static state and like a caterpillar breaking through its pod to become a butterfly, it will see us finding better versions of ourselves everyday. It is exactly about spending a life time re-discovering our uniqueness and using that individuality to add a splash of colour to the world one moment at a time.
The reason I write about real, raw and relevant emotions is to tell the stories in your heart – the ones that you may not necessarily be able to articulate or talk about, the forbidden topics and everyday chaotic shades of grey. It creates a forum for experience sharing. If it helps one person out of the thousands the posts reach, that’s fulfilment for me. Additionally, it’s trialled and tested time without number – when we stand together, we stand unshakable. Please support my movement so that together we will continue to discover new reasons to align ourselves to being unshakable.
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.
Lots of love,
Sally xxx
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