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I once bore horrors in a thankless marriage until I learnt to fly. Recently, I walked out on the date because he showed signs that reminded me of my pre-unshakable mental state – the era before I realised that the capacity to love another begins with the ability to love oneself first. Now I know what I bring to the table, for this reason, I am not afraid to dine alone. The thing is, nowadays I am no longer a ‘what’s up?’ kind’a lady. My mind is constantly detailed. So let’s start here:

It took a decade to complete my debut novel, Silent Symphonies. In that time, life happened – I emigrated to the UK, did the UK bar, got married, had two kids, got divorced and rerouted my career. As you can imagine, this is the short version. I can tell you, though, that publishing Silent Symphonies happened as part of a continuing journey of self (re)discovery, some of which I would like to share with you – my #UNSHAKABLE truths. 

2. The dream is free. The hustle isn’t, and in fact, sold as a separate package. Nobody knows this better than an airy-fairy hopelessly romantic day-dreamer (me 😊). Where that dream feels like little fireworks going off in your soul, it’s usually worth the blood, sweat and tears. In addition, you get what you pay for. The bigger the dream, the more picturesque the fireworks. I came to the UK with a cheque for fifty pounds gifted to me by my grandma. ‘Nuff said. 
4. Rock bottom is a solid foundation. Adulthood has consisted mainly of unknowns – dust and rain, mustang and fame – moments of gold and gain or cold moments of intense pain. The demise of my marriage was a low point. It was literally impossible to sink any lower and out of the abyss of nothingness, I had to learn to climb quickly. Had I found happily ever after in love, I would never have published Silent Symphonies – which leads me to my next #UNSHAKABLE truth:
6. Sometimes a rejection is actually an acceptance, but in disguise. If every literally agent had jumped at the idea of Silent Symphonies, I probably would have lived and loved every moment spent on the shelves of many a WH Smith, however, I wouldn’t have had to work hard at advertising, marketing and branding. I wouldn’t have discovered the dormant hunger to do more than just put pretty words together that existed within me. Something stirred from ‘no’s’. My trending global movement, #UNSHAKABLE was born because I wanted to explore my souls stirrings and share. Result – #UNSHAKABLE. #UNSHAKABLE is a state of mind that promotes individuality. So now, when I kneel down to pray, I twiddle my thumbs (impatiently even sometimes, thankfully, God loves me 😊) in anticipation but I know I will always get a yes, albeit possibly not in the form I expect. 
8. To be unshakable is to be in truth with yourself. It’s to love yourself. I struggle with this concept from time to time because I am conscious of my flaws, however my journey of self (re)discovery has taught me that I am not only my imperfections, I am my perfections as well. So when someone asked me what it truly means to love yourself, this is what I said: when God made you, it wasn’t some mass production activity, a dozen a dollar, or buy one get one free promotion for the world to commonise. He didn’t replicate your soul either. There might be a few similar souls, but none exactly like yours because your creation was deliberate and with purpose, the end product bursting with uniqueness. For this reason, what resonates with your neighbours soul might unsettle yours and that’s ok. Stand out. Do you. Transform as often as you need to remain in sync with your soul. In a status quo obsessed world, loving yourself means living within your truth to the exclusion of the worlds opinion. If your relationship, your job, your passion, your lifestyle, dress size or hair colour works, it works; if it doesn’t, get rid. Let it burn! When faced with the decision to go left or right at the crossroads (and believe me, you will a good few times), go not in the direction the world pronounces acceptable (only dead fish go with the flow), but in the direction in which you hear your souls song in lyrics so distinct to you, it’s resonance is personal and unmistakable. Believing in the authenticity and power of you is to love yourself. To love yourself is to find inner peace. When you find inner peace, you find the ability to love your neighbour as yourself…with ease. Isn’t this what love is all about? And if this isn’t the cure for today’s worlds broken heart, I don’t know what is. For this reason, I allow the fires of transformation to burn all that does not serve me. 
10. You will never be everybody’s cup of tea, and you know what? That’s ok. When I started blogging, I used to get hung up on the fact that a cross-section of society didn’t give a monkeys about my brand or that it did not instantly propel me to stardom, or that some of the reviews for Silent Symphonies were at best, luke-warm but I realised that other people’s opinion about me – neither here nor there. In the grand scheme of things, my path is individual and will not automatically align with every other path at the cross-roads and this is by no means a yardstick for measuring a successful. Above all else, unto thyself be true 😊
12. Fall down six times, get up seven. I was determined to stay in that marriage if only not to add to the UK divorce statistics, but moreso because I did not think for one minute that going it alone was a viable option. Oh how I fell repeatedly. Scraped knees and all. Sigh. Falling down is not the problem. The problem is falling down so many times that whilst on the floor, you toy with the idea of staying there. Toying with the idea of staying there for a split human second is a forgivable sin. What is unforgivable is refusing back up. That is epic failure! 
14. So armed with all the aforementioned, I launched into, and published Silent Symphonies, followed by #UNSHAKABLE. This is the reason why most people who read it feedback that they find themselves in-between the pages. Well, that’s because non-fluffy as-is reality is embedded within it. Because life is full of indecipherable shades of grey, one must remain unshakable 
16. Odd numbers make me nervous. Silent Symphonies is written in even numbers and starts at chapter 2 😊

If you would like to know more about me, please visit my website and/or write to me – I am Google-able, please follow me on social media. I am always up for a good chat, trust me, I’m not a ‘what’s up?’ Kind’a lady 😉

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Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.

Lots of love,



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