MilliOnAir November Edition

Unshakable is a state of mind – I’m not afraid of your darkness
Put me in a room engulfed by your darkness and in the spirit of understanding that we are all a little broken, a little hurt, a little stitched back together in places and tremendously dark in clumsy chunky sections, I’ll stand beside you soul to soul. I will sing, dance and merry-make with you in your darkness. I’ll stand beside you in your darkness because I am not afraid of your darkness. I am not afraid of your darkness because I come lit. There is a fire that burns from within that empowers me with torchlight eyes – my vision remains untainted by your darkness because my synchronised soul stands firmly in the centre owning the darkness. I will sit with you in your darkness if you need me to. I will gently tease you in a suggested direction,  and hope that you will pick up little glittering flakes of sparkle even if you choose to remain within your comfortable darkness. I will not judge you. I will accept you, exactly as you are, for it is your way and you are you – just like I am me.
If you, however, attempt to stub out my eyes, make them yours or insist on the amount of light permissible for my use by virtue of the fact that it brightens your darkness somewhat to a certain nth degree you are uncomfortable with, I will gently remind you of who I am. I will not ask you twice, just exactly like you will never have to hostile take-over twice. I will shut my eyes and my tears will pour a gazillion a second and for a moment, said tears may even seem to overwhelm my fire. We will hear that crackling sound of fire being stubbed out, but it won’t, it never does, not eventually. You’ll see the rebellious blaze gush out of my eyes into the most beautiful sight to behold – the world will marvel at the way fire will follow teardrop trails guarding and guiding me to safety. Needless to say, I will never return to your darkness not ever again. Curiosity may lead me to your door, but I will lurk to see if you have switched the lights on.
My fire consists of a combination of elements. Humility. Peace. Acceptance. Compromise. Love…and then even more love. However, enveloped in little caveats within all of these elements is a feisty war against anything that does not align with my truth. It took a journey of (re)discovery  to build my truth and it is used every-day as a living, work-in-progress reference document. It is called my blessings and lessons learnt log. It is used always in glory to the best of my ability. It is my blessed assurance. It is my gift. It is the love I give and hope to receive (I do not demand), subject only to my humanness and yours of course. It is always available. It never dies. It is unconquerable, inconsumable, it remains unaffected by sad stories, it is as-is. It is the legacy that will blaze its way through for generations to come and will live forever. It is the story of being unshakable that lives in everybody. EVERYBODY. We just don’t always know what to call it, or how to use it, but it exists for the taking. Take it. Be unshakable.
My name is Sally Chiwuzie and I am an unshakable woman. I am not afraid of darkness. Darkness has, in fact, been known to be afraid of me. I come lit! J
#UNSHAKABLE is a state of mind.
The motto: 
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.

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