MilliOnAir May Edition

What if my eyes never beheld yours with intensity that froze time? What if I never experienced laughter that became my souls best song? What if I never learnt about comfortable silences and the honesty of unspoken words…words heard only by looking in whispering eyes…eyes that could tell no lies? What if I never got to experience the epic history built the moment two pinkies lock, the rare and beautiful luck of interlocked souls? What if I never really got to understand Gods perfect intention when he created man and woman and sprinkled love like stardust for that intense taste of magic. What if…..

I wrote Silent Symphonies to explore this point. To turn back the hands of time so that it never happened…now that would be the real travesty. Therein would lie the only reason to mourn, to mourn the magic you would have forfeited. So if you ever walked miles – east, west, north and south picking up pieces of broken heart and taking out the shrapnel and bullet remains in the name of love, you lost nothing. You gained everything. You lived. You loved and you carry beautiful scars in your heart that will be (if not already) stitched up using custom-made, priceless strips of gold. You want to know why you have the allure of glitter? It’s exactly what love does. It builds, never breaks. You will be all the more beautiful for being scarred because a lesson learnt in love can never be taught secondhand, not when it’s relative, not when it’s the one word that defies true definition, not when it’s so black and white and yet fraught with shades of grey, not when it’s a story so individual and unique. Not when it is intended by God himself. Your story. You are a better person for having been loved, for having loved. Love remains untainted and lasts within you forever – for eternity plus one day. The hurt and the pleasure. That package is wisdom. Congratulations. Everything is a lesson. Learn it. Everything is a blessing. Accept it. Everything is intentional. Be awake to it and act accordingly like the hero you are for the emancipation of love. Dust and rain, gold and gain or cold moments of insane pain. Everything. Life, love. Everything is intentional. Be unshakable and love (again). 

‘Unshakable’ is a state of mind.
Be unshakable. 
Be in truth with yourself.
Love yourself.

With all my love,
Sally x 

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