MilliOnAir April Edition

It’s the end of Q1 2016. Let me ask this – what is the most significant thing that has happened to you this year?
I attended a funeral a couple of weeks ago. A childhood friend who, though had not been very close, I had had pivotal memory moments of because he was a legend and a half. He was only 36. Married. 3 kids. As bad as disasters go, this. Yes, this. The couple of weeks leading up to this funeral saw me question God, death, pain, fairness, all sorts. Then the sermon happened and it dispelled my myopia. This was the key message: that there are 90 year olds whose eulogies are blank white sheets and polite acknowledgements, people who die with many regrets and ‘if only’s’ and yet there we were, listening to multiple, lengthy, genuine tributes of a man who had not even lived half a lifetime. He had done in 36 years what 90 year olds often fail to accomplish and so he left this world because his work was completed with an A+.
I left that sermon in the hope that his family had received some level of blessed assurance and comfort.
As this happened to be the most emotional funeral I had ever attended, that night I was haunted by flashbacks and I imagined what it would be like if my life ended suddenly. I asked myself 3 pertinent questions. 1. What had I loved about my life. 2. Would I have any regrets? 3. If I were given one more crack at living, what would I do differently?
On this basis, I am armed with all the lessons learnt from Q1 and about to apply them as we enter into the next phase of year.
I am hopeful that Q2 2017 will see the incorporation of lessons learnt thus far as a basis for continuous improvement, and towards ensuring that #Unshakable Transformation 2017 is a roaring success.
Being unshakable does not mean being perfect by any standard. It means being the best version of oneself in existence at any point in time. It means taking the everyday experiences of life and using them as a leverage to harness our biggest potential yet so that when we eventually leave this world tomorrow, next week, next decade or at 101, in fulfilling our purpose, we would have left no stone unturned. I’d quite like to get to the point where I would have expelled all of myself to the extent where I would be content enough to want to live, and yet be willing to die. This is the mission.
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.

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