Soar Like An Eagle

I watched a video a week or so ago about the eagle. This soaring sexy beast of the sky has since become my all time favourite bird because she has a long list of qualities that make her stand out.

The beak/feather shedding ritual she indulges in half way through her life cycle that replenishes her depleting features (eliminating her weaknesses), her beautiful boldness, tenacity and crazy determination when hunting prey, and let’s face it, she is awesome to behold and commands an air of respectability with ease. My absolute favourite characteristic, by far, is her aptitude to fly above the clouds and isolate whatever weather exists below. This takes my breath away!

[intense_video video_type=”youtube” video_url=””]

The ability to master that talent of rising above negativity is the beginning of new wings and invigorated energy to eliminate fright and attain speedy flight at great heights. Dig deep and unleash your eagle. Get rid of that bothersome voice that insists you can’t, the woe-is-me attitude that tempts you to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing instead, that dark force that makes you see yourself as nothing more than what external influences proclaim you to be or lures you into being too scared to open your eyes because you can bask in dreams that still will amount to naught as long as your eyes remain wide shut.

Think this. Whatever you put your mind to, you can achieve. Be the soaring sexy beast in your life. Fly that sky, high above the clouds and overlook those different shades of doubt. Rise above the rain; grow instead with the glow of the rainbow.
Dear YOU, look in the mirror. Look closely. Close your eyes. Open them. Look what an awesome eagle exists within you.
Be Unshakable
Be in truth with yourself and everyone around you
Love, love, love yourself!!

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