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Sally is one of the most refreshing new voices and motivational speaker to come on the scene in decades.

She is inspiring and empowering women globally through her novels, starting with Silent Symphonies, the original “50 Shades of Grey.”

  • She writes books that empower women and encourage them to embrace every aspect of themselves from sexuality to their worth.

  • Her books share the in depth stories of women’s most raw, relevant and real experiences about love, passion, sex, romance, loss, conflict, abuse and challenge.

  • Women are inspired to step into their value and worth and embrace every step of their journey in this life.

Her Inspirational books for women are part of a bigger purpose that is creating the “Together We Are Unshakable Movement!”

Sally has created a robust and diverse global online community movement using Facebook and Social Media.

There, she engages book readers into her community to share their own stories and be a part of a bigger mission. The “Together We Are Unshakable Movement!” supports women’s causes as well as women’s ever evolving rise into economic empowerment.

Sally’s goal is to have Oprah’s blessing into the Oprah Book Club and to share a public chat with Oprah about the power of story in it’s ability to contribute to each woman’s journey to evolve and prosper.

She is changing the way women see themselves, love themselves and value themselves…knowing they are never alone.

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