MilliOnAir November Edition

Unshakable is a state of mind – I’m not afraid of your darkness
Put me in a room engulfed by your darkness and in the spirit of understanding that we are all a little broken, a little hurt, a little stitched back together in places and tremendously dark in clumsy chunky sections, I’ll stand beside you soul to soul. I will sing, dance and merry-make with you in your darkness. I’ll stand beside you in your darkness because I am not afraid of your darkness. I am not afraid of your darkness because I come lit. There is a fire that burns from within that empowers me with torchlight eyes – my vision remains untainted by your darkness because my synchronised soul stands firmly in the centre owning the darkness. I will sit with you in your darkness if you need me to. I will gently tease you in a suggested direction,  and hope that you will pick up little glittering flakes of sparkle even if you choose to remain within your comfortable darkness. I will not judge you. I will accept you, exactly as you are, for it is your way and you are you – just like I am me.
If you, however, attempt to stub out my eyes, make them yours or insist on the amount of light permissible for my use by virtue of the fact that it brightens your darkness somewhat to a certain nth degree you are uncomfortable with, I will gently remind you of who I am. I will not ask you twice, just exactly like you will never have to hostile take-over twice. I will shut my eyes and my tears will pour a gazillion a second and for a moment, said tears may even seem to overwhelm my fire. We will hear that crackling sound of fire being stubbed out, but it won’t, it never does, not eventually. You’ll see the rebellious blaze gush out of my eyes into the most beautiful sight to behold – the world will marvel at the way fire will follow teardrop trails guarding and guiding me to safety. Needless to say, I will never return to your darkness not ever again. Curiosity may lead me to your door, but I will lurk to see if you have switched the lights on.
My fire consists of a combination of elements. Humility. Peace. Acceptance. Compromise. Love…and then even more love. However, enveloped in little caveats within all of these elements is a feisty war against anything that does not align with my truth. It took a journey of (re)discovery  to build my truth and it is used every-day as a living, work-in-progress reference document. It is called my blessings and lessons learnt log. It is used always in glory to the best of my ability. It is my blessed assurance. It is my gift. It is the love I give and hope to receive (I do not demand), subject only to my humanness and yours of course. It is always available. It never dies. It is unconquerable, inconsumable, it remains unaffected by sad stories, it is as-is. It is the legacy that will blaze its way through for generations to come and will live forever. It is the story of being unshakable that lives in everybody. EVERYBODY. We just don’t always know what to call it, or how to use it, but it exists for the taking. Take it. Be unshakable.
My name is Sally Chiwuzie and I am an unshakable woman. I am not afraid of darkness. Darkness has, in fact, been known to be afraid of me. I come lit! J
#UNSHAKABLE is a state of mind.
The motto: 
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.

MilliOnAir October Edition

Unshakable is a state of mind

Have the courage to ask for exactly what you want and be prepared to receive exactly what you ask for.

Me: This is what I want
Inner voice (Gods voice): OK – here you go
Me: Maybe not like that. Maybe this is a bit too much. Maybe I am being selfish. Maybe I should aim a little lower. Maybe I should be a little more realistic, perhaps more humble in my request. Do you think I am too demanding? Is this even possible?
Inner voice (God’s voice): Please could you be exactly specific about what it is you are asking for?
Me: …but
Inner voice (God’s voice): No buts. Be unshakable
So now, every time I am faced with the comfort zone boundary line, I dig out my  little red note book and read the guidance as set out in the soliloquy above, which replays itself in my mind as often as I need reminding of the greatness within me.
1. Be exactly specific about what you want
2. Dare to dream.
3. Believe
4. Dream it into existence with execution
5. Be prepared to receive it. Arms outstretched
6. ‘Unshakable’ is a state of mind. Be unshakable
It’s two more MilliOnAir editions to Christmas, how is your year going to end? As for me, mate, I’m asking. Specifically. Consciously. Boldly. Eyes closed and arms outstretched in grateful anticipation of what ‘tick’ feels like.
Unshakable is a state of mind. Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.
Lots of love,
Sally xxx

MilliOnAir September Edition

She was the ultimate optimist. Behind every dark cloud was a silver lining and light at the end of every tunnel.

She would walk into any fire  with a smile on her face and come out unscathed every time. But there was a fire she was not quite ready for – the love fire. The magic of love fire is such that as long as intentions are genuine it’s flames are harmless if only to generate that internal burn that gives one wings, right? Wrong. Apparently when it comes to the love fire, therein lies the greatest risk of all. The risk of the burn is at the highest levels of intensity. The wild flames of emotions defy all intentions to tame it. 
She did walk through but not to the usual round of applause at the other end. Not this time. Sad. Now time practically stood still as she grieved the loss. Scarred and charred, she sat staring into the flames of varying shades. Some, soft with the odd crackle from within its soul, others roared wildly and took over her surroundings.
She no longer felt resilient and unconquerable. Filled with no more than a void, devoid of depth, enthusiasm or spark, she mourned the loss of something. Something she had craved with every fibre of her being, something which felt very much as intangible as smoke.
And thus a skeptic is born. 
Now she stays away from that fire. She keeps the light of hope, of being able to brave those very flames permanently switched off. She always walks away, far enough from the warm allure of the fire whenever it threatens proximity.  
These days she would sit in the corner tracing her fingers down her scarred body, and she would walk backwards down memory lane recounting what could have been different, how victory could have been hers, how she could have transformed that fire, her soul could have owned it. Several shoulda coulda woulda’s later she’d be faced with the same dilemma – to take the lessons learnt and approach once again or to stand at a distance, safe from incineration and watch the versions of flames that would arise. She’d stand right there at the crossroads for time immeasurable weighing her options. 
She has finally come to a decision and we know not what it is. Regardless of whether she walks into the flames again or not, it would be the right decision to the fulfilment of destiny. Especially so if she remained unshakable in her discernment of right or wrong for her, as long as she remained in truth with herself and as long as she showed herself love. 
Even skeptics can be unshakable. 
To this lady and all whom face(ed) this dilemma, stay strong. Destiny is born at the cross-roads.
Unshakable is a state of mind. 
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself. 

MilliOnAir July Edition

When do roses bloom?
I stand with my head just outside the wide open windows, accepting the cold December breeze against my red cheeks, magazine in hand, peering at a line that had just caught my eye. 
‘When do roses bloom? Apparently it will vary every year with the weather pattern, but basically, it will depend upon where your story is set.’ 
How true. I raise my head and look at the red rose in full bloom at the bottom of the garden. It was my neighbour’s who still had vestiges of my heart. it was one of the prettiest things I had seen and easily symbolised what might have been had I married whom I did not – my soul-mate, the one with whom I had shared equally reciprocated undying love with. I had had butterflies in my stomach even after being with him long enough for my nerves to have settled to just the usual warm feeling. I imagined how  his baritone would have been reading those vows to me and I bite my lower lip to hide a sad smile. Our first dance as a married couple would have been a moment frozen in time with emotions overwhelming. I choke back tears.  He was exactly the right height, perfect complexion, as ambitious as I needed him to be – the total package custom made just for me. With him, my rose would certainly have bloomed! But the bloom never lasts,  does it? Does it?
I was jolted back to reality when I heard my name. ‘You’ll catch your death daydreaming out of that window. It’s freezing!’ My husband had snuck up on me or I was that engrossed in my thoughts I had not heard him walking up. ‘You need to finish packing. We’ve got to be in the new house by Monday’. He took one peek out of the window, following my line of sight. ‘Interesting’, he said, ‘that’s a fully bloomed rose in December. Is that usual?’ I smiled back at him.
My traitor heart sunk as I remembered. Two days prior I had chosen to be sensible, safe, you know – path of least resistance to protect myself from the torture of potential heartbreak. The man next door never beheld me the way I did him, nor did he show signs of leaving a reckless youth behind. As such, due to my inability to see forever in his eyes, I went for someone somewhat less dashing and leaving a lot to be desired in terms of my version of ‘the total package’. It was easy, practical and honest. I didn’t foresee any major issues and I’d be guaranteed forever plus one day. But did my rose bloom? Would it? 
I had to find a balance between compromise and settling. How much would I be willing to compromise in order to see my rose bloom, and would it bloom forever? Alternatively, would settling mean that I risk never experiencing the joys of a blooming rose, or would that happen in time? 
‘Shall I cut you that?’ He asked. 
‘It’s not mine to pluck. It’s grown over the fence from next door.’ 
‘Is there anything else you want from next door?’ He asked, tilting my head up to meet his eyes. I lowered my gaze and shook my head (yes, in that order) and then I looked back up into his eyes and smiled. He smiled back. In a few hours we will leave this house to a new life and I will forever leave behind the blooming rose and memories of what might have been. 
The truth is some people will live with butterflies in their tummies and permanently blooming roses (even by virtue of self-denial if they must), some people will experience a seasonal bloom, others a little less than seasonal or not at all. Wouldn’t life be great if the issue of blooming roses were more predictable? But then, we probably wouldn’t notice at all and we’d all live happily ever after with world peace as a bonus. I think that to find the answer to the questions about blooming roses is to find that fine balance between settling and compromise, between fantasy and real life. Some people will spend a life-time trying to finding that balance, while the rest will go with a compromise or a settlement. 
The one thing I know is what the magazine didn’t say about where your story is set. That’s about the only thing you have a little influence over. Your story, you write it. #Unshakable is a state of mind. Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself. 
Lots of love,
Sally xxx

MilliOnAir June Edition

If you gaze in the abyss, be rest assured the abyss will gaze back at you.
The question is: can you handle the abyss? Can you handle its gaze? Can you win the stare-out?
Can you sprinkle star dust into its deep darkness? Can you cause it to light up in little bursts?
Can you whisper so that silent symphonies overthrow its frightful baritone groan? Dare you giggle at its voice?
Will you give its bottomless pit a hoist? Will you slow dance with its devil and keep your halo intact when it entangles with its horns?
Can your soul stand firm in the face of life’s what-nots, life’s solution-less problems, unanswerable questions and shades of grey? Shades of death?
If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back at you.
The question is: can you handle the abyss? Are you unshakable?

Following on from the horrific attacks on Manchester and London, I have spent time wondering if the world truly has changed or if I just grew up, thereby becoming more consciously aware. A bit of both maybe. We also live in a world where technology is king and people have access to all sorts. This I refer to as ‘gazing into the abyss’ (modelled partially out of Friedrich Bietzche’s philosophy) because of the sheer volume of mind consuming material that is openly on display. We need to protect ourselves and our children (our future leaders) by ensuring that our foundation is solid. Our roots must be firmly in the ground and certain beliefs about life, about (self) love, about decorum and do’s and don’ts must be scribed within our souls with indelible ink – amendments of the basic principles should be impossible. I say this because it is impossible not to dabble with the indecipherable shades of grey of this world, but to continue to be exactly who your foundation says you are while the confusion of the abyss remains constant is to be unshakable. This is what we need to heal this world’s broken heart. 

Unshakable is a state of mind. It is modelled out of 3 basic principles which have become its motto:
Be unshakable. 
Be in truth with yourself.
Love yourself. 

Lots of love,
Sally x 

MilliOnAir May Edition

What if my eyes never beheld yours with intensity that froze time? What if I never experienced laughter that became my souls best song? What if I never learnt about comfortable silences and the honesty of unspoken words…words heard only by looking in whispering eyes…eyes that could tell no lies? What if I never got to experience the epic history built the moment two pinkies lock, the rare and beautiful luck of interlocked souls? What if I never really got to understand Gods perfect intention when he created man and woman and sprinkled love like stardust for that intense taste of magic. What if…..

I wrote Silent Symphonies to explore this point. To turn back the hands of time so that it never happened…now that would be the real travesty. Therein would lie the only reason to mourn, to mourn the magic you would have forfeited. So if you ever walked miles – east, west, north and south picking up pieces of broken heart and taking out the shrapnel and bullet remains in the name of love, you lost nothing. You gained everything. You lived. You loved and you carry beautiful scars in your heart that will be (if not already) stitched up using custom-made, priceless strips of gold. You want to know why you have the allure of glitter? It’s exactly what love does. It builds, never breaks. You will be all the more beautiful for being scarred because a lesson learnt in love can never be taught secondhand, not when it’s relative, not when it’s the one word that defies true definition, not when it’s so black and white and yet fraught with shades of grey, not when it’s a story so individual and unique. Not when it is intended by God himself. Your story. You are a better person for having been loved, for having loved. Love remains untainted and lasts within you forever – for eternity plus one day. The hurt and the pleasure. That package is wisdom. Congratulations. Everything is a lesson. Learn it. Everything is a blessing. Accept it. Everything is intentional. Be awake to it and act accordingly like the hero you are for the emancipation of love. Dust and rain, gold and gain or cold moments of insane pain. Everything. Life, love. Everything is intentional. Be unshakable and love (again). 

‘Unshakable’ is a state of mind.
Be unshakable. 
Be in truth with yourself.
Love yourself.

With all my love,
Sally x 

MilliOnAir April Edition

It’s the end of Q1 2016. Let me ask this – what is the most significant thing that has happened to you this year?
I attended a funeral a couple of weeks ago. A childhood friend who, though had not been very close, I had had pivotal memory moments of because he was a legend and a half. He was only 36. Married. 3 kids. As bad as disasters go, this. Yes, this. The couple of weeks leading up to this funeral saw me question God, death, pain, fairness, all sorts. Then the sermon happened and it dispelled my myopia. This was the key message: that there are 90 year olds whose eulogies are blank white sheets and polite acknowledgements, people who die with many regrets and ‘if only’s’ and yet there we were, listening to multiple, lengthy, genuine tributes of a man who had not even lived half a lifetime. He had done in 36 years what 90 year olds often fail to accomplish and so he left this world because his work was completed with an A+.
I left that sermon in the hope that his family had received some level of blessed assurance and comfort.
As this happened to be the most emotional funeral I had ever attended, that night I was haunted by flashbacks and I imagined what it would be like if my life ended suddenly. I asked myself 3 pertinent questions. 1. What had I loved about my life. 2. Would I have any regrets? 3. If I were given one more crack at living, what would I do differently?
On this basis, I am armed with all the lessons learnt from Q1 and about to apply them as we enter into the next phase of year.
I am hopeful that Q2 2017 will see the incorporation of lessons learnt thus far as a basis for continuous improvement, and towards ensuring that #Unshakable Transformation 2017 is a roaring success.
Being unshakable does not mean being perfect by any standard. It means being the best version of oneself in existence at any point in time. It means taking the everyday experiences of life and using them as a leverage to harness our biggest potential yet so that when we eventually leave this world tomorrow, next week, next decade or at 101, in fulfilling our purpose, we would have left no stone unturned. I’d quite like to get to the point where I would have expelled all of myself to the extent where I would be content enough to want to live, and yet be willing to die. This is the mission.
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.

MilliOnAir March Edition

Silent Symphonies is my debut novel – the first in a compelling trilogy. It was birthed out of my realisation that we all have this grand idea of what we think our lives will pan out to be. Whether or not we will get married, the kind of person they will be, number of kids we will have, the perfect job we will end up in, and how we will grow old and grey along side our nearest and dearest doing the things we love. We work towards our expectations, doing everything we must to ensure that by virtue of the laws of attraction we bag this customised life we have dreamed up. Life concurs in the sense that the very foundation of who we are will lead us down certain assured paths, however, life will not always co-operate. It will throw us random curve balls that will knock us for six. Within those circumstances, we will fight to fulfil what every fibre of our beings tell us is our destiny. However, life will pick us apart, breaking us down, showing us versions of ourselves we never knew existed, and slowly we will learn to accept that some paths are a must-walk, not because they are easy, but because they are assigned to us and sometimes it’s about unbecoming everything we are not to discover who we are.

Several Q and A sessions that followed the publishing of Silent Symphonies saw me explain the above in as much detail as My heart undersold, with ‘unshakable’ being the operative word in many a description. Being unshakable is not about gender or what we do for a living, our sexual orientation or our choice of beverage. Being unshakable is about taking everything life throws at us and rebirthing ourselves constantly in the face of adversity. It is not a static state and like a caterpillar breaking through its pod to become a butterfly, it will see us finding better versions of ourselves everyday. It is exactly about spending a life time re-discovering our uniqueness and using that individuality to add a splash of colour to the world one moment at a time.
The reason I write about real, raw and relevant emotions is to tell the stories in your heart – the ones that you may not necessarily be able to articulate or talk about, the forbidden topics and everyday chaotic shades of grey. It creates a forum for experience sharing. If it helps one person out of the thousands the posts reach, that’s fulfilment for me. Additionally, it’s trialled and tested time without number – when we stand together, we stand unshakable. Please support my movement so that together we will continue to discover new reasons to align ourselves to being unshakable.
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.
Lots of love,
Sally xxx
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MilliOnAir February Edition

#Unshakable is a state of mind

Have you heard about legally blind Jessica Gallagher – mega successful Australian Paralympic heroine? The rare disease Jessica suffers from means that her eyesight deteriorated over time. She’s unshakable! Do you think there were times when she hit rock bottom and questioned the validity of her life? Possibly. You see, I draw inspiration from stories of unshakable strength and courage such as these. My portion of sufferings may pale in comparison, however, I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom so much so that even the most basic requirement (waking up) is too much of an uphill task, too much to ask. I also know what it’s like to feel incapacitated within a situation created by unforeseen circumstances. I understand why the caged bird sings and I hear her lyrics clearly. I am familiar with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Having said that though, one thing I know for sure is that sometimes, rock bottom is a solid foundation. (Insert rock bottom photo here). You see, the reality of life is that we can form bonds, seek help and advice, discover people who walk the same path we do, but when it comes to the actual walking, nobody can do that for us. In the grand scheme of things, nobody can make our dreams come true. That only happens in Disney Land. It’s a human characteristic to seek validation, to depend on external influences for, happiness, fulfilment, to feel beautiful, worthy, make it all happen but the truth is that, as Jessica proves, all the power we need to be who we are destined to be exists within us already.

During my process of self (re)discovery, I learnt this the hard way in many respects and have long since adopted the DIY philosophy. I learnt that people will let you down – jobs will fall short of expectations and things will go askew. Relationships will leave you in an emotional quandary and life will throw you weird arse curve balls. Your safe haven will occasionally sell out and the only thing that will make sense is your ability to decipher your own path in order to steer destiny in your favour. For me, it is right there…right there at rock bottom that the light bulb moment happens, after which I see clearly. In the depths of those cold moments of insane pain is where I learn to eliminate the words ‘I can’t’ from my mindset library to enable myself create magic moments of gold and gain. I think this is the point when amputated legs or blindness will not prevent a fabulous #TurnUp at the Paralympics, the loss of a marriage will not stop that dream, and from somewhere deep inside will  erupt the courage to take a leap of faith for a dream that sometimes nobody but the dreamer can contemplate. One of the characteristics of being unshakable is to understand that in life nobody but you can save you. (Insert unshakable photo here) For me, it is at this realisation that I own my situation. I walk the walk, talk the talk, I become my own unshakable boss. This is the point at which I become my own damn super sexy superhero sporting a bright red cape. Yup. Recap – Rock bottom is a solid foundation. Unshakable is a state of mind. Sometimes you have to be your own superhero! (Insert superhero photo here)
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.
Lots of love,
Unshakable Sally x

MilliOnAIR January Edition

On the matter of being feminist, I resonate with Oprah’s quote: ‘I never consider or call myself a feminist, but I don’t think you can really be a woman in this world and not be’. From my point of view, specific gender categorisation has become more of a blur with indecipherable shades of grey over the passage of time. This belief has meant that my sexuality (could I be lesbian perhaps?), religion (should I not be submissive to a husband and dare I be unashamed at being divorced?) and cultural upbringing (is a single-income earning household normal considering my roots?) have been called into question more regularly than I care to recall. Still, I am convinced there is a much wider problem. 
I swapped my red glitter lipstick for old track bottoms the other day and took a trip to B & Q – the hardware store in search of tiles for the bathroom upstairs and I got up, close and personal with series of tool boxes. Admittedly the tips I hadn’t picked up from the Internet were learnt by asking questions. Again, admittedly, I asked my male friends. As I washed the dirt out of, and untangled my unruly Afro later that night, I thought that I would certainly be blogging about heritage and cultural expression + the evolution of feminism over time, until my eleven year old daughter walked in and told me she knew a better shampoo brand for non-caucasian hair because she had read it up on the Internet, whilst searching for new school shoes. So I changed my mind and was going to write instead about how children are attaining independence at an even absurdly earlier age. That is until she also reminded me that if we ordered the shoes early enough on Amazon prime, they could actually arrive the same day. I didn’t know that. 
I think I know what the problem is. Change. The world is changing at a ridiculous pace and people have problems accepting anything that is outside the box of set societal principles. So when it comes to feminism, for example, I am not convinced that the problem is mass fear of women overthrowing men per se, I think it’s the discombobulation attached to the power of the modern empowered woman. Bar sperm creation and perhaps physical strength (which is debatable these days), she can do almost anything within the remit of her male counterpart’s ability by virtue of the fact that she is armed with knowledge. A lot of this has a to do with the evolution of the world – technological advancement, and sheer determination / personal circumstances. 
And yet, even though the world accepts that ‘thou’ and ‘thy’ are no longer acceptable as examples of modern day pronoun definitions, and that dinosaurs are extinct, society will still not make allowances for individual growth. The result is war, discrimination and general unwarranted hatred. For this reason, those who have made an educated decision to follow a religious, cultural or otherwise individual path are too scared to be the minority martyrs and die instead of implosion if they don’t explode out of sheer frustration and end up on the horror movie that has become our CNN for unspeakable crimes.
My journey of self (re)discovery gives me a chance to render my personal views for open criticism without batting an eyelid when someone has a conflicting opinion or way of life. It’s all part of the evolution. On that basis, here are a few of my unshakable truths:
– I believe in gender equality. I am feminist. 
– I am black African originally and my hair is a mass of tight curls which can be untameable, but allow for a stand-alone expression of rich history. I also love straight hair. 
– I am divorced, and feel unbroken and complete.
– I am Christian.
– I am a single mother of curious children. 
– I have friends of varying backgrounds and this will be the case until the end of time. Everybody regardless of age, background or belief is my teacher with the potential to star in my life story. For this reason, my ears shall remain wide open. 
The points above are the reasons why you can find my blogs on most social media outlets on a daily basis. Because we are individuals with our own choices, problems, pressures, daily routines, we have our own unique set of principles which set us apart from the rest of the world. We should be able to showcase these without fear. Full stop.
My name is Sally Chiwuzie and I believe in the power of individualism. I am unshakable. ‘Unshakable’ is a state of mind. The motto is: 
Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself. 
Sally x