Peace comes from within

Peace comes from within

Peace comes from within

An excerpt from page 269 of Silent Symphonies

One Tuesday evening during a deep meditating yoga session, Leila realised two things. Firstly, she has not had a conversation with God in over two years. Secondly, she no longer had cravings for chicken soup followed by brandy. Dahlia had turned four and it was time for real school. That evening, Leila gave Radisson blu a miss and went to church. She sat there with a hymn book. Choir practice was on but she paid them no mind; instead she heard her favourite hymns in her head as she read the words. She listened to ‘All things bright and beautiful’, ‘How great thou art’, ‘This is the day the Lord has made’ and ‘You are worthy’. When her soul failed to connect deeply enough with these hymns, Leila wept. She dried her tears and sighed. The metaphoric winds blew and Leila knew it was time to go home. She spoke to Gaurav, Asif and Mark and was convinced it was the right thing to do. Just like that, Leila, Dahlia, the nanny, Gucci (the parrot), and an obese Horatio (the one eyed cat) packed up their belongings and returned to London. Her brother met her at the airport and indulged her in a hug that lasted a couple of minutes. The hug told so many stories that evoked a variety of emotions in Leila. In his arms, she wept refreshed tears.
‘Do I fly or fall?’ She asked out loud. Her brothers expression was vacant. ‘Never mind, please find me a Grande soya americano’. He nodded. ‘that I recognise. I’m on it.’ He replied, tangling himself free. ‘What the fuck did you feed that cat, Leila? If I didn’t know any better, I would say he ate Gucci!’ He exclaimed as he flicked through photos of Zurich. Leila giggled. ‘Ask Dahlia and the nanny!’ ‘I would like to be a fly on the wall when you hand Horatio back to Paul Edwards!’ When Leila smiled, she knew it was because for the first time in two years, she had picked up her laptop and written a few articles and some diary entries…straight from the heart! Maybe she would get her life back. A new era!

Sally Chiwuzie here, sunglasses on. Dream chasing and legacy building are on track. Continuous improvement reminds me that peace comes from within…

Be unshakable. Be in truth with yourself. Love yourself.

Lots of love,
Unshakable Sally xxx

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Peace comes from within


Peace comes from within

#UNSHAKABLE: Step one – get out of that cage

Tuesday Love 💝Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. This is perhaps the song on every caged birds mind. If the door of that cage is left un-shut by even a crack, why then do you remain within its constraints? Yes, your wings may be sore. Yes, there’s an un-signposted sky out there. Yes, there’s even the danger of getting shot down by your captor. However, is this good enough reason to allow yourself be the circumstantial sacrifice sentenced to a lifetime of imprisonment, singing songs of liberation whilst nursing a dying soul?
Step one – get out of that cage. Do it. All other steps will happen as a matter of course. Broken wings will heal. You will learn to fly again. Instinct, inner voice, sheer determination, will-power, the truth and light will guide you and everything you forgot will come back to you. Your beauty, your grace, your dignity, your power, your uniqueness and a whole soul that deserves love and respect like the very next person too. These will return. The lyrics of your souls song will come to pass and your newly birthed self will marvel at how far, how high you can actually fly. Step one – get out of that cage, for my dear caged bird, you are bent, not broken, never broken. Not as long as you still breathe.
Sally Chiwuzie here, sunglasses on. Dream chasing and legacy building are on track. Continuous improvement has me doing my bit to raise DV awareness, especially in light of the trending Nigerian news at the moment. Okwuí Mask Scheme, Womankind Worldwide, Womankind magazine, Rosa…I am behind you. Let’s put an end to this senseless torture! Together We Are Unshakable!
Lots of love,

Unshakable Sally xxx
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#UNSHAKABLE: Our Purpose In Life Is Unique From Person To Person

About Friday nights dinner party 😊

I did something different. I took time out to hang out with the year 2 mums at my sons school. I rarely get the opportunity to do this due to impossible time constraints and air tight daily routines (yes – even the weekends). Anyway dinner was yummy, the company was interesting – diverse and colourful. They were women of varying ideas, backgrounds, origins, etc.

We talked about the weather (always a good start 😊), relationships, life in general and our children. The one thing that was worthy of note is that our kids are all so different. When I say different, I don’t mean just background, religion or origin – no. Although these contribute to everyones eventual outlook, it became apparent that even siblings are different. Our kids have their own individual characteristics that make them who they are, make them unique and stand-out in their own way. It means that every child, every person, every soul is an isolated, bundle of awesomeness that is peculiar to that one person only – just like fingerprints, just like heart prints. Therefore, our purpose in life is unique from person to person.

A friend of mine – Rochelle was also in attendance and made the point that the school is really good at celebrating diversity. They learn about the hidden meaning behind Christmas and Divali, they learn to appreciate Ramadan and some Buddhism too – all sorts of cultures and beliefs. Rochelle made the point that what was perhaps missing a tad is teaching about individuality – the fact that each child is special in their own right, not by virtue of religion, origin or culture – but by the fact that we are all uniquely crafted with so much love and attention to each tiny detail.

Can you imagine if we sell this idea to our children, family, friends, neighbours, to each other? Can you imagine the magic we can create if we truly believe? The self-love? The extension of that love? The contentment? The harmony? The colourful, bright spark of light that would illuminate through for miles and beyond? The love?

So my thinking is: spreading love starts with the belief in ourselves and abilities, our worth, value and higher purpose. It starts with an unshakable belief in our individuality.

So let’s start Monday with some positivity. I am identifying with my purpose and celebrating the reasons why I am SALLY as opposed to Joanna Blogson (don’t ask. LOL!) Join me, celebrate you too. Let’s create an epidemic of love!

Lots of love,

Sally xxx

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The choice of bringing happiness…

A lot of us depend on the goings-on in life to bring us happiness. We expect to find ‘it’ in the most unlikely of places, external influences such as status, money, food and general accomplishments in life. More probable, it seems we expect to find happiness in the reciprocal ties we form between ourselves and other individuals, especially one-on-one partnerships.

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Following on from a brief(ish), but absolutely necessary stint of allowing myself to be a victim, succumbing to what I like to call the ‘woe-is-me syndrome’, I had a light bulb moment in the shower (planning sessions always occur in the shower for me. Where do yours take place?), and it felt like I had been in a dark room and a voice whispered – ‘the switch is over there you know?!’ You know what? It was…and there was light!

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