Pink Elephant

It began to bother her when she awoke from such dreams, recounting that whenever her feet were separated from the ground, she fell or flew, but knew not which. For weeks on end, she wondered.

And every morning she sat in front of her mirror, and when she lashed on her mascara, she secretly begged her eyes for answers. Why was she in limbo?
So if the dream was the story of her life thus far:

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Bright Red Dress

I am standing in front of the mirror, a dark shadow cast against my face. I do not recognise that face and bruises trail up my arms and neck.

Heavy tears burn my cheeks, taking my mascara along the paths that blemish my black dress invisibly

Daffodils have lost their charm and the bird chirps echo like music from a horror movie. I press the ‘pause’ button on my life.

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The choice of bringing happiness…

A lot of us depend on the goings-on in life to bring us happiness. We expect to find ‘it’ in the most unlikely of places, external influences such as status, money, food and general accomplishments in life. More probable, it seems we expect to find happiness in the reciprocal ties we form between ourselves and other individuals, especially one-on-one partnerships.

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Following on from a brief(ish), but absolutely necessary stint of allowing myself to be a victim, succumbing to what I like to call the ‘woe-is-me syndrome’, I had a light bulb moment in the shower (planning sessions always occur in the shower for me. Where do yours take place?), and it felt like I had been in a dark room and a voice whispered – ‘the switch is over there you know?!’ You know what? It was…and there was light!

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