A Night of Stories on 21st November from 5 – 9pm


‘A Night of Stories’ was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who took time out to support me from all over the globe. I remain eternally grateful. I have taken a couple of lessons from this. Firstly, that things will never quite go according to how your mind plans; there will always be hitches and last minute shake-ups. So it’s about doing the best you can with whatever you have. Secondly, there are people out there who will never get what you are about, this doesn’t matter because people who get you will get you and follow you to the moon if that’s where you want to go.

Another pertinent point made by Corinne, a colleague…well, friend – friend 🙂 – is that when you are doing something that comes naturally to you, you are passionate about, it shows in the sparkle in your eyes and general content demeanour. ‘You don’t sound like this at work!’, she said referring to my 9-5. Of course I don’t. Therefore, now I say this from a factual point of view. Whatever keeps you awake at night, you love to do in between everything else and are happy to; whatever puts a smile on your face and keeps you day dreaming; if it quenches a thirst, feeds a hunger deep down in your soul, you need to explore it. It’s the most intense feeling of gratification you will ever experience + you can die happy in the knowledge that you gave it your best shot.

Sally Chiwuzie here, no sunglasses on – no justification this morning. Dream chasing, legacy building and continuous improvement in progress. My day dream this morning sees me engrossed in flash backs of Saturday night. One of my favourite moments has got to be repeating this last paragraph in a goodnight speech and a few people chorused the words with me. I’m never going to stop you know, let’s do this together. Let’s hold hands and climb that goddamn mountain; let’s absolutely do this!

Be #unshakable, be in truth with yourself, love yourself!

Lots of love,

Buzzing Sally xxx

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